Job Growth

Looking for a new position in the WestGate region?
For possible WestGate positions in all categories, check first with your local WorkOne office, which can be accessed through the state's WorkOne online portal website. A number of WorkOne offices related to NSWC/NSA Crane and the WestGate are located in the WorkOne Region Eight counties surrounding the Navy base and the WestGate tech park. Access the nearest WorkOne office to you in Region Eight by clicking here.

Many of the U.S. commercial defense companies who either do business directly with NSWC Crane or maintain operations in the WestGate tech park have specific Web pages devoted to jobs in the Crane region. Click on the links at the right to explore specific open positions or to make direct applications where appropriate.

Questions and Answers regarding opportunities open to Veterans click here.

If you believe you meet Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) or Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) eligibility requirements, you may also apply on positions listed here.

Please note: the WestGate @ Crane Development Company, the developer and contractor for the WestGate tech park, does not accept applications directly for sub-contractor positions or open jobs with WestGate-related companies. Open bids for contractor work are published in local regional Indiana newspapers, including the Washington Times-Herald, the Greene County Daily World, and the Loogootee Tribune.

U.S. Navy at Crane
U.S. Navy-related job positions at Crane open to everyone.

Defense Contractors
Major defense contractors associated with NSWC/NSA Crane (check job sections within these Web sites for possible open positions in Indiana):

Federal Positions
All open Federal positions (NSWC Crane-related and otherwise):

Crane Ammo Activity
For more information about the Crane Army Ammunition Activity (located on the NSA base near the WestGate) visit: